Greek Olives and Olive Oil

Olive Tree At Pantheon

Along with grapevines, the olive tree is the oldest known cultivated tree in the world, believed to originate in the Eastern Mediterranean area. It seems to have been around for at least 5000 years. The forerunner cultivated olive tree is believed to have been established in Crete. You will certainly see many olive trees around … Read more

Facts about Greece: Whisky, Evil Eyes & Yannis

Nazar Amulet In Amulet On Isolated Background Free Vector

In Greece, just about everyone believes in the power of the “evil eye”. The “evil eye” is probably more about envy. A Greek will rarely “give the eye” to someone intentionally. It is usually cast by accident. Wearing blue – blue beads or the little blue pupil encased in plastic – repels the danger. Many … Read more

Useful Greek Words

Χρήσιμα ελληνικά

It is believed that Greek is the oldest European language, orally for 4000 years and written for 3000 years. Modern Greek is a dialect of southern Greece, now used by most Greek speakers both here and abroad. It is a result of the combination and contribution of the ancient vocabulary and words from the Greek … Read more

History of Samos

Map Over Old Samos

A synopsis (though rather a long one!) of information gathered from various sources in Samos. Samos has a dramatic history, covering various foreign occupation, rebellions, fight for independence and even a period of a 100 years when it was totally unoccupied and it is difficult to condense it too much without missing out relevant details … Read more