Eat & drink in Ormos

Here we will gradually during the early summer of 2024 publish information about the various places in Ormos for food and drink, including grocery stores, bakeries and bars.

Some tips when you order at a restaurant in Greece

If you are a group going out to dinner, you can order as the Greeks themselves often do. Greek dinners in restaurants are often like a “tapas or meze meal”.

Feel free to order a few different starters/small dishes, 1-3 different sauces, some bread and water. The sauces in Greece are almost without exception various cold messes. Also order a few different main dishes that you think seem to suit your taste, and you can then share the dishes. If you then want more, just continuously expand the order with additional starters/small dishes or main courses.

With the food, you like to drink some Greek beer, white wine or red wine. In many restaurants, wine is offered in different sizes of decanters, but also in bottles, of course. The red wine is often served cold, i.e. at the same temperature as the white wine. The restaurants that also serve a higher quality of red wine, then of course serve the wine at a temperature other than cold.

Ouzo and the drink Souma, which is often called raki from Samos, can be conveniently drunk before the meal or as a meal drink, which is then sipped during the meal to enjoy it to the fullest.

The page is under development

The page will be gradually updated during the spring and early summer of 2024 with information and pictures from each place in Ormos.

Lekatou bakery

Lekatou bakery offers Greek-style breads, cakes and pastries. The bakery is located at the road signals about 100 m up from the Marina.

Supermarket Vagianos

Supermarket Vagianos is a small supermarket that offers most things that can be needed for cooking. The owners also run the slightly larger Ssupermarket Vagianos Vagianos in Votsalakia during the season.

Gialos Restaurant

Gialos restaurant offers traditional Greek food.

Koursaros coffee bar

Koursaros coffee bar offers drinks, coffe and snacks. The owners also run the Island Cocktail Bar in Votsalakia.

Pizza cave

Pizza cave offers pizza, burgers and other snacks and fast food with some Greek touch. The restaurant was opened in the -70:s.

Kerkis Bay restaurant

Kerkis Bay restaurant offers a variety of Greek food.

Blue Beads

Blue Beads offers Greek food in a modern twist. The restaurant was opened in the summer of 2023.

The Local

The Local offers Greek food in a modern twist. The restaurant was opened in the summer of 2023.

Isalos Bistro Cafe

Isalo’s bistro cafe offers drinks, coffee and pastries and other snacks. Isalos opened in the summer of 2023.


Trata is a fish restaurant that also offers other Greek dishes, located by the small Paralia Marina Ormos.

Famprika Samos beach bar

Famprika Samos beach bar offers drinks and snacks to bathers, at Paralia Ormos Marathokampou. If you buy something from the bar, you can use the sunbeds for free. The bar is located a few hundred meters east of the Marina in Ormos (to the left if you have the sea in front of you), right by the Olive Factory.