Hiking to the top of Samos

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Another incredibly October day, we packed our backpacks to finally try to reach Viglia, the highest peak on Mount Kerkis, 1,434 m above sea level.Just before dawn we took our 4-wheeled car and drove around the mountain massif via the villages of Nikoloudes and Kosmadei and then took the valley up to the Civil War … Read more

Evening hike around Konteika

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In the wonderfully beautiful October weather, we tried an evening walk around Konteika after a 20-minute drive from the Pantheon.We started by parking in the village of Konteika and then walked through the village and down into the fields to get further and further down the valley.We walked along varied nature with everything from open … Read more

Short hike in the Kakoperato Gorge

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One early morning in September, just before sunrise, we took the car from Pantheon Apartments & Studios to drive towards the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi located beside the Kakoperato gorge on the north-west slope of Mount Kerkis. We drove up to the ridge where the wind turbines stand and turned off towards Kastanéa and passed … Read more

Excursion to Manolates

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Manolates is a small genuine very beautiful mountain village located on the north side of Samos. One afternoon we turned off towards the village, having been in Vathi “Samos town” during the day, and followed the winding road up through the Nightingale valley. In the spring and also at other times of the year, you … Read more

Viewpoint Ormos bay by bicycle or by foot

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The shorter excursion to what we call “Viewpoint Ormos Bay” can be done on foot or by bike from the Pantheon. You can choose to walk or cycle a slightly more complicated route by passing to the small chapel of Agios Georgios and then continue down past the valley’s waterways with a little bit of … Read more

Morning hike to monastary Evangelistria

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By car from Pantheon Apartments & Studios, at the end of June before sunrise, we drove through Votsalakia, turned right towards the cave of Pythagoras and then left up towards the monastery Evagilistria. A rather steep and difficult to access road for the last bit. Keep in mind that only 4-wheel drive vehicles will work … Read more