Hiking to the top of Samos

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Another incredibly October day, we packed our backpacks to finally try to reach Viglia, the highest peak on Mount Kerkis, 1,434 m above sea level.Just before dawn we took our 4-wheeled car and drove around the mountain massif via the villages of Nikoloudes and Kosmadei and then took the valley up to the Civil War … Read more

Short hike in the Kakoperato Gorge

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One early morning in September, just before sunrise, we took the car from Pantheon Apartments & Studios to drive towards the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi located beside the Kakoperato gorge on the north-west slope of Mount Kerkis. We drove up to the ridge where the wind turbines stand and turned off towards Kastanéa and passed … Read more

Morning hike to monastary Evangelistria

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By car from Pantheon Apartments & Studios, at the end of June before sunrise, we drove through Votsalakia, turned right towards the cave of Pythagoras and then left up towards the monastery Evagilistria. A rather steep and difficult to access road for the last bit. Keep in mind that only 4-wheel drive vehicles will work … Read more