Afternoon hike to Mikro Seitani

One afternoon at the beginning of July we decided to go to Mikro Seitani beach. We took the car and drove straight over to Karlovasi on the north side of the island, passed Potami beach and then continued for just under a kilometer on a dirt road before we arrived after around 40 minutes at the hiking trail sign for Mikro Seitani beach.
This hike to Mikro Seitani is the first part of hiking trail #1, Samos Hikes, read more here Samos Hikes – Potami – Mikro Seitani – Megalo Seitani.

The hiking trail to Mikro Seitani is a rather hilly and winding path but only just under 1.5 km long. However, the terrain meant that it took a little over half an hour to get to the beach. We had brought a lot of water as it was quite hot and because we had intended to stop for a while to swim.

The design and location of the beach means that relatively high waves often hit the shore. Just to the left of the center in the water, there is a rock formation just below the surface of the water that you should avoid when the waves are a little higher. This afternoon the waves were quite calm and could take some nice swims. After about an hour we packed up our things and headed back to the car. However, the heat once again made us sweaty, so we decided to have another bath before dinner.
We stopped at Potami beach to cool off quickly in the water and then continue to one of the restaurants in the port of Karlovasi.
This hike to Mikro Seitani can easily be extended by hiking just under an hour more and then arriving at the larger Megalo Seitani beach. Another option is to start with a “walk” up towards Potami falls and back and then take the car on to the starting point towards Mikro Seitani.