Evening hike around Konteika

In the wonderfully beautiful October weather, we tried an evening walk around Konteika after a 20-minute drive from the Pantheon.
We started by parking in the village of Konteika and then walked through the village and down into the fields to get further and further down the valley.
We walked along varied nature with everything from open fields, pine forest, steep paths with the smaller stream rushing below.
After barely two hours we arrived back at the village of Konteika and stopped for a coffee at the small cafe in the middle of the village.
Fantastic, varied and actually quite physically challenging was the hike that we would gladly do again several times.
The 4 km loop is trail #16A, Samos Hikes, Samos Hikes – Konteika circular.

A good loop to either start the day with and then, for example, continue to the coast on the north side of the island or do as we did to end the day with this slightly shorter hike.