Hike to Megalo Seitani

We begin our trek towards Megalo Seitani with a 45 minute drive to the village of Drakei. The drive alone is worth an excursion of its own. Winding road along steep rock walls with wonderful views out over the sea mixed with stretches through pine forest. We were in no rush when driving so we could really take in all the nature around us. However, the driver mostly had to focus on the road, but with a number of stops and driver changes, everyone could get an imaginative experience of the nature that passed us by.

Once we arrived in Drakei, we parked just before the village and started walking, we had a lot of water with us just in case. The road ends here in Drakei, so we didn’t go further than that by car. We went through half the village and turned right to follow trail # 6, Samos Hikes, Samos Hikes – Drakei – Megalo Seitani, on towards Megalo Seitani.

The first part, until the start of the smaller path, offered a relatively easy hike along a forest path that followed the mountain slope relatively flat forward. Most people can walk this part of the trail quite easily for just under an hour back and forth.

The continued hike down and along the rock slopes was physically quite tough and you had to be quite careful where you placed your feet in parts. But along the entire hike, one was filled with the fantastic nature and silence. We couldn’t even be bothered by our mob phones, as cell coverage disappeared as soon as we started hiking down.

After about an hour and a half of hiking, we arrived at Maegalo Seitani Beach and found our way on a small path between some houses that were on one edge of the beach. Tired and sweaty, we took a bath and some food. We didn’t have time to stay too long, as we didn’t want to walk along the trail when it had become too dark, but started our hike back after already about half an hour.
Happy and hungry, we then came back to Drakei about 4 hours later and had a hearty dinner at one of the nice restaurants and at the same time watched the sunset on the horizon.