To the cave of Pythagoras

Yes, there have been a few visits to the cave, this time one day at the beginning of July. About 20 minutes by car from the Pantheon, via Marathokampo high up on the mountainside, then drive along a narrow road along Kerki’s mountainside and mountainside with incredible views of the Olive Tree Valley, Ormos, Votsalakia and the sea. The journey to the cave itself is at least as spectacular as Pythagoras’ cave.
Once there, we parked in the small parking lot at the foot of the ridge, and then walked up the stairs towards the cave, or rather up towards the caves.
Yes there are two caves to visit. to one, you follow the stairs up to then arrive at a smaller chapel with a cave behind it. If you want to get to the second one, a little more climbing is required with, among other things, a fixed rope that you can have help up at a rock ledge of approximately three meters.

According to the tradition it was here that the Samian philosofer and mathematican Pythagorian hide from his enemies or isoleted himself around 500 BC.

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