Trip to Potami Waterfalls

After a drive of about half an hour, you arrive at the starting point and the valley where “Potami Falls” is located. You can park along the road just after the first part of Potami beach, and then walk for about 15 minutes along the watercourse before you have to choose how to do it.
Either you change into swimwear and hike/swim and climb along the river and pass the various waterfalls until you reach the plateau where you can choose to go the same way back or follow the path around. Or you take the exciting wooden staircase that leads steeply up to a restaurant with a view over the valley down to Potami beach. Or you turn around and go back the same way you came.

The valley often feels cool and pleasant even in the middle of summer, with almost subtropical vegetation and lots of birdsong, especially in spring and autumn. At the beginning of the walk, just before you reach the watercourse, is The Metamorphosis Church & ruins of the Venetian Castle, from the 11th century, where restoration is underway.
This is a good activity to combine, for example, with a quiet day at Potami Beach.

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